Our females

Juliette Bereginia

Born on 22 March 2014

Neva Masquerade

Color: Seal tortie silver tabby point with white

This is Juliette, our first Neva Masquerade cat.  She was born on 22 March 2014 in Cattery Bereginia. She is a very sweet, quiet cat and she likes to play. She is very focused on our family, she especially loves our oldest daughter, greets you when you get home, she listens to her name, she is fond of  attention, cuddle and play.  She loves being outside, like bird watching or stalking a fly … very exciting. She can handle our dog. She has never scratched, she is especially soft of character, but knows well what she wants. She is a patient mother, she corrects her kittens very well and she gives them a lot of care and love.

Roxolana Bereginia

Born on 3 May 2015

Neva Masquerade

Color: blue silver tortie tabby point with white

Rosa came to live with us in the summer of 2015. She is a sweetheart: affectionate, playful, spinning like a motor, immediately jump on your lap when you sit down, enthusiastic, enterprising and curious. She is easy in making contact with our dog and Juliette.  In the beginning she had to learn to her nails to move in with the play, but this is already quite good. Her favorite toy is a fishing rod with feathers. They also love to go outside. She is a very good and loving mother for her kittens, she will take care of them all 13 weeks and when they move to their new family’s she will search for them the first days. But after a little time it ‘s oke, her job is done and she can relax. Rosa is a very nice calm cat and lovely company.

Comfortcats Emmy

Siberian Cat
Color: Black silver tortie tabby mackerel with white
Born on 23 July 2017

Emmy is born in our cattery on july 23, her mother is Juliette and her father is Bjor.  She is a very beautiful and lovely girl, we are so proud of her!  She likes to play with our other cats. Everyone is fond of her, she is so nice, open and spontaneous, no one can get mad at her. She can get along well with everyone. When she’s grown up, we also hope to get a litter with Emmy.


Moved to another place

Adonna Comfortcats

Born on 13 July 2015

Neva Masquerade

Color: cream tabby point

Adonna is born in July from the first litter of Juliette, together with her sister Abby and 2 brothers Armani and Amico. A wonderful time, those first 13 weeks: Sleep, drink, play, and explore the world. Now the other kittens to their new families, are looking for more and more on Donna Rosa. They can play very well together, and frolic, are located next to each other to sleep and go out together, of course. Donna is still lovely naive, still needs to learn a lot, (eg. that they should not demolish the House plants), but she is so sweet, that you will forgive her immediately if she has done something. Her favorite toy is a rubber ball with Bobbles, which bounces and her challenges her.