Kitten policy

Breeding and kitten policy.

In 2015 we started our cattery. We are a small cattery and want to continue. The well-being of our cats is paramount. We breed our cats because we are so incredibly excited about the variety of the Siberian cat, especially the point variant the Neva Masquerade.  We are delighted to see the kittens grow up! It is so much fun to make people happy with a healthy and beautiful kitten. We go for quality in our cattery and not cut back on costs of feeds, veterinary, housing, etc.. Health is at the top, so are the parents and ancestors of the kitten tested for HCM, PKD, FIV and FeLV and fairly stated. Appearance, among others. construction and coat are important, but of course his characters in the choice of parents are also very important. We are very happy that we have 2 very experienced breeders as a coach. They are always with us with advice and tips and we are very grateful to them for their support. We are members of LimbraCatClub and the application of cat Association pedigrees for our kittens are handled by this Association.

Because the breed of the Siberian/Neva Masquerade hypo-allergenic, people sometimes ask if they can come with us to test this. This can, of course, but in doing so it is important that you know that we also have a dog. Also if you are allergic to dogs, so please check with us or you are allergic would not respond to our cats.

Are you interested for a kitten, please call or email us.

The price of a kitten is 750.0 €-

You can see on our site or a kitten still available or not:
Available = a kitten is free/available.
Option = there are people who are interested in this kitten.
Reserved = after a positive introduction and deposit, we will keep this kitten
reserved for his/her new family.
Moved = the kitten lives with his/her new family.

If you wish, we can put a kitten in option for you. Visit is welcome if the kittens 4 weeks of age, we are looking forward to meet you and vice versa, of course.  If you are after an initial stall visit decides to take the kitten, we will this kitten. We ask a deposit of € 250.0-and we will sign the contract. If you will pick up the kitten after 13 weeks, you pay the rest of the amount, € 500.0-

We do everything the kittens to grow into healthy, social cats among others by giving the best nutrition, proper medical care and ample attention. The first 2 weeks we ensure that mom and the babies have a nice quiet spot, but gradually more and more the kittens go to investigate, first still in a kittenren, but then their world getting bigger and they will get to know everything and get used to sounds of the vacuum cleaner, the barking of the dog, etc.  All our kittens are dewormed 4 times. If they are 9 weeks old, they are chipped and they get their first edge, the second edge they get if they are 12 weeks old. The kittens are 2 times by the veterinarian examined. This can be seen in the pet passport when the kitten in the transfer notice.  If the kittens 13 weeks old, they’ll be allowed to move to their new family.

We expect from you as the new owner of one of our kittens, that you give the kitten:

-enough love and attention and share on your family
-freedom in your home and not on closes in a cage
-healthy and varied cat food
-a good hygienic care and
-if necessary, will give good medical care
-and if there is potential, a safe, enclosed outside run or a fully enclosed garden.
All our kittens are sold with a pedigree and a purchase contract. This contract gives mutual rights and obligations, for you as a buyer is it fine and it gives us clarity as a seller, but above all it is in the interest of the kitten. The kittens are sold with a contract, which means that the kitten should not be used for breeding, not even for one litter. Only very exceptionally, if the contract of the owner of the father from the litter permit it, can we sell a kitten with possibility for breeding.