Who are we

Who are we?

We, Albert and Gera Troost, live with our 2 children in Zuna. We love animals. We have a dog, chickens, a pony and of course cats. We have had a white European shorthair for 17 years, and a black European shorthair for 15 years. Because I was allergic, you know the drill, red eyes, runny nose, and sneezing often, we thought that it was better to have no more cats. But the house was very silent and empty without the cosiness of the cats. We missed a lot of little things about the cats. By chance I discovered that there was a race on which allergic people don’ t react to strongly: the Siberian cat. I was still a little careful, I wanted first to see and then believe….   After some googling, we were more and more excited. It didn’t take long before we were in contact with a cattery for Siberian cats. Especially the colourpoint variant Neva Masquerade appealed to us. And at the first visit I noticed it already, do not suffer from a runny nose, no red eyes, etc. ..   And its true, Siberians are hypo allergenic!

Because we were so excited from the first contact right away about this breed, we knew we wanted to share this cats with others. We wanted to have a litter of kittens from our cat. Than we would be able to make other people happy with these amazing cats. We wanted to own a cattery. A lot of things followed because of this: you have to know a lot about cats but also very practical things, like joining a club and invent a name for our cattery. We have chosen the Limbra Cat Club. For our cattery name we placed our surname in English.

We have purchased our first Siberian cat in 2014. A Neva Masquerade, called Bereginia Juliette. What a great animal. Quiet, but also playful and very sweet. We call her ‘Ditje, with is Russian for  something like ‘Sweetheart’. She likes our dog Borre, our Australian Shepperd and now she’s the Queen in our House. From her first litter we kept one kitten, Comfortcats Adonna, we now call her Baby or Donna, soooo supersuper sweet, really incredibly sweet, likes to cuddle, but is especially enterprising, curious, playful, relaxed and very funny. In August 2015 is Bereginia Roxolana. We call her Rosa. She weighs  almost 5 kilos, she eats anything she can get, even to grab chunks of Borre if we don’t watch out. Rosa can be inconvenient, e.g. collide against the wall, because they do not take the bend in time. She has a beautiful, thick, soft fur. Rosa crawl on your lap if they but just get the chance. We are so happy with this race, with this wonderful, dear cats and with all the fun they bring with them! And. … I don’t have troubles with allergic reactions anymore!